Scheduling And Cancellation Policies | Apex Skating USA

Apex Skating is committed to the success of each Client. Our organization also prides itself on providing the highest quality active coaching instruction, and client-to-coach ratios in the on-ice hockey development industry. Due to the meticulous and comprehensive preparation put into every development session, and professional-caliber mentorship provided to each Client, Apex Skating has instituted a Scheduling and Cancellation Policy as of May 2016.

To receive full credit to a future on-ice development session or program due to medical-related reasons, Apex Skating requires a doctor or medical note. If emergency-related extenuating circumstances occur, please contact us immediately. Our organization plans development sessions, and each individual Apex Skating Client's mentorship process methodically; please observe the session calendar and schedule in advance for any potential schedule conflicts that may arise.

Once a commitment to an upcoming on-ice development program/camp has been received from an Apex Skating Client, only refunds minus a 25% cancellation fee applied will be honored (for non-medical related reasons). Please take this into consideration when committing to an Apex Skating Development Session/Program. No-shows or missed sessions without prior notification cannot be made up, or redeemed. The monetary value of purchased sessions cannot be transferred to another program or participant (sibling, teammate, etc) without the expressed consent of Apex Skating Inc. Drop-in attendance is not permitted. As with any athlete development organization, a minimum number of sessions are required to properly institute a testing and assessment protocol, in addition to a custom, periodized development plan to the individual client.