The Apex Skating Paradigm

Through extensive research and development, Apex Skating has created a proprietary evidence-based Coaching Paradigm designed to utilize the foundations of anatomy, exercise science, and performance biomechanics to help Apex Skating Clients uncover and correct asymmetry in functional skating movement.

Quantified through the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as High-Speed Video Analysis, 3D Motion Capture, and Foot Pressure Mapping, the Apex Skating Coaching Paradigm utilizes a progressive corrective technical skating methodology that has seen proven success in both NHL professionals and elite youth hockey players alike.

The Apex Skating Paradigm develops joint mobility and musculofascial range of motion, joint and core stability, postural alignment, neuromuscular reactivity, dynamic balance, multi-joint force production, and visual cognitive skills to build the complete holistic player.

Apex Skating also maintains an integral referral network with professional practitioners in the fields of strength and conditioning, sports medicine, chiropractic, physiotherapy, RMT, and athletic therapy, to provide Apex Skating Clients with a 360° approach to injury prevention, rehabilitation, and athletic performance enhancement.